It was on a trip to the U.K. that Jean finally found the answer to that nagging question, "What did they do before cell phones?!"


Jean Kelso Sandlin is a self-titled "backdoor academic" who earned a doctorate and joined the academy after a 20-year career in public relations and advertising. As such, she brings an applied sensibility to research–translating new findings from the academy to practical solutions for organizations.

Sandlin is fascinated with the intersection of media, storytelling, technology and creativity. Her work explores the possibilities for using social media as a tool for increasing nonprofit capacity, strengthening brand identities, and fostering positive change in areas such as environmental sustainability, healthcare and education.

Her most recent research focuses on the perception of authenticity in blogs, and the use of GPS-enabled tools to enhance learning. 

She speaks on creativity (no yoga mats required!), authenticity, social media for positive change and storytelling as a brand builder. 

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A first generation college student and the youngest child in a family of 7 with three developmental disabled siblings, Sandlin embraces the opportunities for exploring alternative modes of education as a means for greater equality. She's an avid TED Talk watcher and, when not trying out the latest app on her phone or computer, she enjoys cycling at the beach on her Schwinn beach cruiser, hiking, exploring local food and wine with her husbandlounging with lizards in her garden and exploring the beach with family, friends and canine friends.

Recent memorable moments  ... performing a Scottish Highland Sword Dance (thanks to "encouraging" students!) to raise funds to fight malaria in Africa.